Top 5 Best Companies of Mutual Funds in India

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Top 5 Best Companies of Mutual Funds in India

Mutual funds are very helpful investment instrument which can give you a huge amount of interest after a period of time. In this article we’re going to talk about the best 5 best Mutual funds companies in India.

1.     ICICI Prudent mutual funds
This company is said to be the best company for the investment in mutual funds this company had a collaboration with the company name Prudential Plc which is situated in the UK. The AMC of this company is also very impressive which is almost 3 lac crore rupees. This company holds the number one position in the filed of the industry of mutual funds. This company collaborates with ICICI bank of India and Prudential Plc. This company was formed in the year 1993.


2.     HDFC Mutual Fund company
This company is the second-largest insurance company in India the AMC of this company is approx 3 lac crore which is equal to the AMC of the ICICI mutual funds company. This company is also the best company in the field of mutual funds. HDFC Mutual Fund company is firstly introduced in the year of 1999.
3.     Reliance Mutual funds company
Reliance is the only company and the largest company which has the maximum rate of diversifiers in it. This company had a great amount of AMC which is approx 2.5 lac crore rupees which makes it reliable and trustworthy mutual funds investment company. This company was firstly introduced in the year of 1985.
4.     SBI Mutual funds
SBI mutual funds is also a very reliable company for investment in mutual funds. This company is also named as one of the oldest companies for mutual funds. This company is the collaboration of two companies named State Bank of India (SBI) and a company named EAM company which is situated in France. The year in which this company is first introduced is 1987.
5.     Kotak Mahindra Mutual funds
This company is the last best company in the list of best companies for investing in mutual funds. This company is part of the Kotak group which is working in India for a long time. This company was firstly introduced in the year of 1985. Mr. Uday Kotak is the founder of this company.
In this article we saw the top 5 most popular companies for the investment of mutual funds in India. These are are reliable and trustworthy companies which are serving in India from a long time.
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