Sora Link Plugin, SoraLink
Sora Link Plugin, SoraLink

Sora Link Plugin – Increase Adsense Earning

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Sora Link Plugin – Increase Adsense Earning

Are you using WordPress plugin to increase you AdSense earning then this article will be very beneficial for you because in this article we’re going to talk about one of the best WordPress plugin named Sora Plugin or SoraLink Plugin?

So, what is Sora Link Plugin and how this plugin is one of the best plugins of WordPress?

To know the answer just stick to this article.

What is Sora Link? 

SoraLink is a WordPress plugin that is used to increase the traffic on your website and especially for increasing the online revenue from your website. If you wanted to know about WordPress we posted a dedicated article on WordPress. Go and read that article to know about WordPress in detail.

Features of SoraLink Plugin 

  • Automatic linking

SoraLink Plugin provides you to enjoy automatically linking service. The best about SoraLink Plugin is that it also provides the service of including and excluding links.

  • High security 

Sora Link Plugin provides you high security because the Encrypted links are not easy to crack or we can say not easy to decode.

Only the SoraLink clients can avail of this service.

  • Can remove ads for a specified time interval 

In SoraLink Plugin you can remove ads for a specified data interval. This feature makes Sora Link Plugin unique because these features are very rare to given by the plugins.

Requirements for using SoraLink Plugin 

There are some requirements to use this plugin. If you don’t have the required data then it’s been difficult to use this plugin.

  1. PHP 7.1+  

Sora Plugin required the use of PHP 7.1+, without this the use of Sora Link Plugin is been difficult to use.

  1. Require loncube loader  

Sora Link Plugin also needs/requires a Loncube loader to perform. Well, if you don’t have the Loncube loader then you can also use another thing which is mentioned below.

  1. WordPress version 4.9+

SoraLink Plugin also runs on WordPress version 4.9+. This version is one of the best versions of WordPress and also the latest version of WordPress.

Note:- 1. The company that gives the facility of Sora Plugin doesn’t responsible for anything happen with you in future time.

  1. The company suggests you buy this plugin at your own risk.


How Sora Link is best to Shortner Tool as compare to WP Safelink  

By using WP Safelink you can easily create sort links and can take traffic to your website. SoraLink also did this thing the same but the WP Safe link shows you that the traffic comes is from referrals and SoraLink is better in this file. SoraLink clearly shows you the traffic from Google AdSense. This will help you make transparency among the user and plugin. So, in this way Sora Link is much better than WP Safe link.

Price and from where to buy this plugin named SoraLink 

Well, the price of Sora Link Plugin is approx $13. If you wanted to buy this plugin then you can buy from this link 

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