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Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery: Most demanded battery of the world

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Lithium Battery: Most demanded battery of the world
Hey readers, today’s topic is very fascinating because today we’re going to talk about Lithium batteries. In the technical world where most of the technologies are working on electricity, there are also some gadgets who are working on batteries.

The most efficient and effective technology which helps to increase the working capacity of plenty of electronic objects is battery.

What is the battery?
A battery is equipment which stores power in it. In today’s world, most of the electronic devices are running on battery. This is the only object which can store power and consumer can transfer this power for running of many gadgets.
The battery is used in Mobile phones, portable gadgets, medical equipments, and many other gadgets.

In this article, we’re going to analysis the lithium battery.


Topics mentioned

1.     What is Lithium Battery?
2.     Advantages of Lithium Battery?
3.     Disadvantages of Lithium Batteries?
4.     Needs of Lithium Battery?
5.     Why a person invest in Lithium Batteries?
6.     Scope of Lithium Batteries in the future?
7.     Price of Lithium Battery in India?
8.     Top  manufacturing Companies of Lithium Batteries in India?
9.     Conclusion

So, Let’s start


1.     What is Lithium Battery?
Lithium Battery refers to a type of battery that has Lithium as its anode. These have more power consumption properties as compare to the other types of batteries. Lithium Battery is also famous for the name of Lithium-metallic battery.
Lithium batteries are said to be the most effective battery because of their properties of high-charging density which gives the benefit of long life to this battery. The elements of Lithium battery are pretty expensive and changes a good cost to the consumers. Lithium batteries are primary batteries that are mostly/widely used in consumer devices which are portable.
The lithium battery is mostly used in electronic vehicles because electronic vehicles need a high density of power to operate the operations of electronic vehicles. This battery is also used in solar panels, Medical equipments, and power backups.


2.     Advantages of Lithium Battery?
         The advantages of Lithium Battery are given below.
       Charging properties:- Lithium Battery has the great charging properties in it. A lithium battery takes the time of 2 hours almost for charging one time. This battery is more efficient than lead-acid batteries in case of fast charging. According to the experts, a lithium battery charges more than 5x as compared to lead-acid batteries. A Lithium battery takes 2 hours to be charged but lead-acid batteries took almost 10 hours.
       Easy to carry:- The most attractive advantage of Lithium Battery is that lithium batteries are logistics which means that this type of battery can easy to carry anywhere. This battery doesn’t have any acid flow while carrying anywhere.
        No maintenance cost:- lead-acid batteries charge a maintenance cost to its a user but Lithium battery never needs any kind of maintenance cost which makes it compatible and this was the reason that this kind of battery is the most demanded battery in the battery market.
       Efficient:- Lithium batteries are a more efficient type of battery as compare to lead-acid batteries. The optimization of the density of energy is very high which is one of the most important advantages of Lithium Battery.

       Long-lasting:- The life span of a Lithium battery is very long. This battery can handle more than 3000 times of the charging cycle.


3.     Disadvantages of Lithium Battery?
       Expensive:- The most attractive disadvantage of Lithium Battery. These batteries are high on cost because Lithium which is used in this kind of batteries are expensive. Lithium Battery has many advantages but this battery also came with a high cost. This is the reason that many middle-class families didn’t use this and use it’s alternative which is lead-acid batteries.
       Inverter compatibility:- There is a lack of inverters that can able to operate Lithium Battery. The companies who are the manufacturer of inverters mostly made lead-acid inverters. But, now companies are moving to make the lithium battery inverters. Luminous is the first company that is able to make the inverter for a lithium battery.
4.     Needs of Lithium Battery?
Lithium Battery specifically needs for automobiles and in the future, this battery is needed for mobile phones and many other electronic gadgets. The properties of Lithium Battery makes it attractive and influence the people to use this kind of battery. This battery is also needed for solar panels. Solar panels are also a very useful gadget for electricity saving but the use of lead-acid batteries reduces his performance because the solar panels can give solar energy mostly in the day time. The time of night can be an issue for this because the lead-acid battery discharges very-soon. The use of Lithium Battery in the place of a lead-acid battery in the solar system gave rise to the performance level of the solar panels. Lithium Battery takes less time to be fully charged and this battery also has more compatible then the lead-acid battery.
5.     Why a person invest in Lithium Battery?
In the above article, we saw the advantages and disadvantages of Lithium Battery. It will give us the idea to think about the reliability of Lithium Battery. Lithium Battery is the most demanded and compatible battery. It has the long-lasting compatibility of power which makes it more efficient. Many businessmen also invested in the Lithium battery business. The government also takes many initiatives to promote Lithium Battery. Lithium Battery gives more satisfaction as compared to other types of batteries.
6.     Scope of Lithium Battery in the future?

The scope of Lithium Battery is very abroad in the future. In past times the use of Lithium Battery was very narrow and Lithium Battery was used in very limited vehicles but, now many international companies invested in Lithium Battery inverters and many companies also try to use this battery for Mobile phones. Today’s world can’t live without technology and technical gadgets and most of the electronic gadgets are running from battery. Lithium Battery is more effective and compatible as compare to others. In future times most of the electronic gadgets are running on Lithium Battery.

7.     Price of Lithium Battery in India?
Lithium Battery is said to be the most costly battery as compare to the other batteries. But, in the past few years, the price of Lithium batteries are fallen by 60%-70% not only in India but in the whole world. China became the largest manufacturer of Lithium Battery in the whole world. China produced more than 73% of Lithium batteries in the whole world. The price of 12Ah-12.8V is 3500 rupees. This price is 3 times higher price as compared to lead-acid batteries. There is the range of Lithium Battery which are most demanded are 12.5 Ah, 20 Ah, 80 Ah, 1OO Ah & 120 Ah which are available on many online stores.
8.     Top manufacturers of Lithium battery in India.
There are many manufacturers of Lithium Battery who make lithium batteries and many more.
       Exide:- Exide is one of the leading companies or manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries. This company started the production of Lithium Battery in the month of December and achieved the position of one of the leading companies for Lithium Battery. This company uses a good technology which makes its reputation high in the battery market.
        Okay:- Okaya is a company which makes batteries. This company is well reputed company of Lead-acid batteries and now this company also diversify it’s business and started making of Lithium Battery in India.
       Samsung:- Samsung is a well-known company for mobile phones but this company also a good producer of Lithium Battery.
       LG:- LG is also a well-reputed company for electronic equipment. The Lithium Battery of this company is mostly used in automobile vehicles.
       Tesla Motors:- Tesla Motors is a well-known company for electronic cars. This company was formed by Elon musk. Tesla Motors is also a great dealer of Lithium-ion batteries.
       Panasonic:- Panasonic is the best company for Lithium Batteries. The batteries of this company are said to be the best battery in the whole world. This company uses the advanced cell manufacturing technique which makes its battery relevant and compatible.
       BMW:- BMW is the leading brand for car manufacturers. In today’s time, most of the automobile companies also sell their Lithium Battery and BMW is one of the companies that sell their Lithium Battery.
       NISSAN:- NISSAN is a company that makes luxury cars not only in India but in the whole world. The battery of this company contains Ni-Co-Mn positive electrode material and laminated-structure cells which highlighted the good feature of this battery.
       Toyota:- Toyota is a Japanese automobile company that is a well-known company for luxury cars. Toyota also sells Lithium Battery and this battery is also used in the cars of Lithium Battery.
9.     Conclusion
Lithium Battery has a huge scope in future time and that’s why most of the automobile Companies starts selling Lithium Battery in market. Loom solar a most popular company for solar panels also starting to invest in this battery. Loom solar is a very reputated company which provides the superior quality products to their customers. The Lithium Battery from loom solar is also an another superior product form this company. The company also give the complete information about their products which gave you proper guidance and knowledge about their products.
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