Lawyer  (A Professional Degree) 
Lawyer  (A Professional Degree) 

Lawyer (A Professional Degree)

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Lawyer (A Professional Degree)

Hey guys, in this age of generation everyone knows that there are many activities that people doing which are against humanity. That’s the reason why people wanted judgment from the third person who is not from the side of any person to judge and give justice to the effective person. For this reason, one solution came out called court which has a judge and lawyer. without lawyers, you would have no one to protect you from abuse of the law. We are going to talk about the lawyer. Let get started.
A lawyer or attorney is a person who practices law.
They practice law in these form like, as advocate, attorney, attorney at law, bat-at-law, canoeist, canon lawyer, civil law notary counsel, counselor, solicitor, legal executive, or public servant preparing, interpreting and applying the law, but not as a paralegal or charter executive secretary. Working as a lawyer involves practical application of extract theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problem legal services. let’s talk about the role of lawyer.
Let’s know about some role of lawyer.
Follow instructions
The lawyer should listen to you, your problem, give you advice, give you instructions about the problem that how can you solve the legal problem and then carry out those instructions to use.
Your honesty is the best policy at the time you interact with lawyer to take instruction that how can you solve your legal problem, only because of that lawyers advice or instruction are only depend on your problem that you told to lawyer otherwise you can get wrong direction and it will not good for you.
Maintain Confidentiality 
Most of the conversation with your lawyer and you will be confidential, which means lawyer can’t share any information or matter with anyone including the policy of the court without your permission.
Some situation can become at the front of the lawyer when the lawyer can tell your information of your case or about you to anyone, For example, Where;
  •  A particular law requires them. it will prevent a serious criminal offense from occurring,


  • Your safety or the safety of someone else is a risk.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest
A lawyer can avoid your work in some circumstances if ;
  • They acted for the other person or people involved in the past and they have confidential information about them that might negatively affect their interests.


  • They are also acting for the other person or people involved, and they may not be able to act in the best interests of you both.
  • Your interests and the lawyer’s interests clash.
  • Communicate efficiently and promptly.
When a lawyer takes your work and ready to do your work, your lawyer has a liability and duty also that communicate carefully and efficiently. Your lawyer should give you regular updates about the progress of your matter.
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