Korean Education System
Korean Education System

Korean Education System ; A dangerous education system

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Korean Education System ; A dangerous education system

Hey Readers, today’s topic is very strange topic. Today we’re going to talking about Korean education system. We clearly see in the topic that it is a dangerous education system. So, why it is a dangerous education system? We’ll talking in this article. But first let us know what is an education system.
Education system.
Education system contain all the rules and regulations about how to educate countries people. At what system would apply to get successful results to educate people of the country.
so, now we know about education system and we are now going to identify that why Korean education system is called dangerous.
Well if I ask you that how much you studied in your school then what should be your answer?? Well I think you would say 5 hours, 6 hours or maybe you can say 8 hours but did you know that in South Korea the students are compulsory to available for 15 hours in school. Yes, 15 hours a day a student spent in school.

In South Korea students go to school in morning and came back home for sleep and next day this story repeats.
Korean Education System
Now a question arises that what kind of school it was? How they studied? What they studied? What about tuition? Etc.
So, now we explore it.
When a student enters in the school their school starts. The duration of this is 7 hours
If a student is sleeping in the class then teacher don’t punish him or even let him sleep. After the first half is school is done, they sent to canteen for their meal. When the lunch is over, they sent back to their classes. When 7 hours completed then they’ll get meal again and sent to other branch of school and leave them for 4 hours to do extra studies. When the four hours are completed, they’ll get to one another branch of their school where specialized teachers teach them. The class is running for 3 hours and after they go to their buses from which they come and sent to their homes.

And will be in next day well this story repeats. So, you understand why it’s a dangerous education system even the students are also complained about it.
But you know that which country is the smartest country in the world???
The answer is South Korea. Yes, America is in no.2. We can say that this is there education system play roles to their unbelievable achievement but not giving favorable response about this education system. They called this education system is the dangerous education system. South Korea is in very low level in happiness index ranking. It accruing a tough education system in it.
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