How to Apply for Court Marriage in Delhi

Court Marriage in Delhi

Instant Court Marriage In Delhi

How to apply for court marriage in Delhi

  1. The process of court marriage is uniform throughout India. That is, the same procedure is followed to perform a court marriage in the whole of India.
  2. Court marriage has been implemented under the Special Marriage Act 1954, under this Act, women and men belonging to any caste can be duly married.
Registration for Court Marriage
  • Hindu Marriage Act – 1955 and Special Marriage Act – 1954. Under both, marriage is mandatory to be registered only when the court marriage is considered Anand Vaidya.

Procedure for Registration

  • Court Marriage can be registered under the Special Marriage Act – 1954. For this, it is mandatory that he should be a citizen of India, irrespective of any caste and religion. That is, it is considered necessary to be a citizen of India only for registration of court marriage.
  • What kind of report or objection has been set for 30 days. If no objection is received for 30 days, then the marriage is considered complete.

Process of online registration

  • Now for your convenience, the process of online registration has been started to do a court marriage. With which you can register the court marriage sitting at home. For its success, Hindu marriage registration software is available. To apply for registration online, you can download the form from its departmental website. Scan and submit all your necessary documents with it.
  • Through this process you can also register the court marriage sitting at home online.

Process of Court Marriage in Delhi

Two procedures are always followed for performing a court marriage.
  • First by the process of a married marriage in Arya Samaj under the Hindu Marriage Act – 1955.
  • Marriage in front of the Registrar under the Second Special Marriage Act – 1954.
If you want to do a court marriage then you can get married by following either of the above options.
  1. Under the Special Marriage Act-1954, if you want to do a court marriage,
  2. then you can relate to any religion, in which marriage is done in front of the registrar.
  3. To marry this process, you have to apply to the court marriage registration center.
  4. After applying, the information related to your court marriage is pasted on the board of the registration center by the registration center.
  5. This is the purpose of putting this information through the registration center in the court marriage. That if there is any objection to either of the groom’s side or the bride’s side,
  6. then a report can be filed by his relatives to stop the marriage.
  7. A 30-day time period has been set by relatives for objections or filing reports.
  8. If there is no objection by the relatives of both the bride and groom or if no objection is received within 30 days, then after 30 days the marriage is considered to be duly completed.
  9. Normally, this process is considered to be a very complex process in which if you want to do a court marriage with this process then you have to face a lot of formalities in it.
  10. It is also considered more expensive than the process of this court marriage before the registrar, because money is also required to complete various types of formalities and to do paperwork. For this reason, this process is considered more expensive than usual.

Total cost of court marriage before the registrar

  • In following this process for filing a court before the registrar, the total cost of the court fees, lawyer’s fees, formalities and other paperwork, etc., comes from a minimum of ₹ 10000 to a maximum of ₹ 20000.

Court marriage process under Arya Samaj or a married marriage

  1. Arya Samaj or marriage process is considered the easiest and fastest way to get married.
  2. If both the parties belong to the same caste of bride and groom, then you can perform all the rituals of marriage by religious ceremonies, for example: – In Hindu marriage, before completing the process of department within 1 hour by taking a trip in the Arya Samaj in front of a Pandit can do.
  3. This is considered the easiest way of court marriage because a certificate can be issued by marrying you within 1 hour because only after that your marriage is considered to be duly concluded.
  4. If you follow this process of court marriage, then it is considered to be quite simple and cheap for you. Because the minimum expenditure in this is considered to be ₹ 5000 to the maximum expense ₹ 6000.
  5. This kind of court marriage process is simple, fast and inexpensive because it is considered to be the most preferred.
Same day court marriage

Colorful Hindu wedding in India

  • If you want to do a court marriage within a single day, you can get married in just 1 day by adopting the process of Arya Samaj or a married marriage.
  • In this, you can register your marriage by simple marriage, in this whole you do not have to follow the ups and downs and do not require much paperwork.
  • To make your marriage valid or lawful, you can also register online and within 1 hour period the marriage certificate can be issued. In this way, you can conduct a marriage on the same day.
  • Not only do you avoid the formalities of the same day court marriage process. Rather your time is also saved.
  • Court marriages done on the same day are as valid as the court marriages made before the registrar, ie both types of pot are duly valid.


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Court Marriage is a better option for love marriage
In general, it is now common to love marriage. Because today the era has changed and love marriage is not a big deal in society. But while the trend of love marriage has been accepted due to the innovation in the thinking of the world, even today there are some sections who still have a connection with the conservative ideology.
So for lovers belonging to such community, one can get married through the process of a married marriage to a court marriage.
Because legally every adult woman and man has the right to choose their spouse as per their choice. If a loving couple wants to have a love marriage then court marriage is a better option for them.
Court marriage fees
Just as there are two processes for performing a court marriage, similarly the cost of the process depends on how you opt for the court to do the marriage.
  1. If you follow the process of court marriage before the registrar, then it can cost you from minimum of Rs 10,000 to maximum of ₹ 20000.
  2. If you certify your marriage by getting married in Arya Samaj, then it can cost from minimum ₹ 5000 to maximum ₹ 6000.
Note – Generally the court fees for court marriages are less than ₹ 1000. But when you get married in front of the registrar, then it costs around 10 thousand to 20 thousand rupees by adding all the fees for registration, paperwork, lawyer’s fees and other formalities. ( Contact  Advocate Hanit Vashisht – 7503782804 )
Rules and necessary conditions of court marriage
  1. The first condition for a court marriage is that the couple who want to do a court marriage, have not had any prior marriages and if it has happened, the first marriage must be legally null and void.
  2. To perform a court marriage, both parties must agree and be in a position to give consent. Do not be stupid or mad.
  3. In order to perform a court marriage, male and female laws should be passed, that is, for a court marriage, the age of man has been fixed at 21 years and the age of woman at 18 years.
  4. Both parties must be eligible for delivery in order to perform a court marriage, which means that both parties must be physically capable of procreation.
  5. In order to perform a court marriage, it is necessary for both the parties to be outside the confines of a fixed relationship, that is, they should not be siblings in both the relationships nor should they belong to the same gotra.
Documents required for Court Marriage
  1. Complete application form.
  2. Compulsory fees that have been set by the court.
  3. 4 – 4 passport size photographs of bride and groom going to both sides.
  4. ID proof of both parties.
  5. Age proof (birth certificate or 10th or 12th mark sheet)
  6. Address proof of witness (voter ID or driving license or passport)
  7. Affidavit that certifies that the bride and groom are not in an illegal relationship.
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