Debit card – A most usable banking facility
Debit card – A most usable banking facility

Debit card – A most usable banking facility

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Debit card –  A most usable banking facility

Hey readers, in the past 5 years our country gets a huge bounce in every field in the whole world. The banking sector also makes having a huge achievement in its sector. The government has done lots of work in the banking industry to digitizing people and increasing awareness about the banking sector. 

The government of India makes a huge success in this matter because they opening 0 balance account and providing many other schemes for giving the best banking facility to every citizen of the country who had an account in any bank and educate people about the banking sector.


Debit Card


Banks provide many facilities and in this article, we’re going to discuss one of the best facilities provided by banks of India to the general public.

 So, what is this facility provided by the banks to the general public? 

The most usable facility which a bank provides to the general public is the Debit card.

So, what is A Debit Card?

A debit card refers to a physical plastic card enrolled with a chip who helps you to take your amount out that your deposit in your bank.

Boi Debit Card

Let us understand the concept of debit cards with a story.

If we are in that time when no DEBIT CARD is used for banking what kind of problems that customers have to face that is shortlisted by debit card.

Suppose you have a bank account in the Bank of India. You deposit 50,000 rupees in your bank account. After some time you need some amount of that money then what is the process of withdrawing money from the bank.

Firstly, they give form to you and request you to fill this.

Secondly, they match your sign that you give in to the banks and after done some more small procedures you get you required money it charger lots of time. 

The debit card exactly does the whole process on behalf of you. You just have to visit your near ATM machine of any bank and drop your debit card in this machine, have to provide some details about what type of transaction you want to do, have to apply your secret pin and in seconds of time you’ll get you money what you required but bank also allows some transaction limit in these machines so you have to visit banks if you want a huge amount of transaction but you can easily use your Debit card in ATM machines applied by banks for small or medium kind of transactions. 

Is the Debit card only use for time savings?

Well, the answer is ‘NO’ because it is not only used for time-saving but also protects the customer from FRAUDS AND SCAMS because in the time where no debit cards are used for transactions people make frauds like they copy the sign of people and make transactions. Debit cards also helps both parties in this matter because the bank only allows money on the debit cards when you apply your secret pin in the ATM machines. It makes our transaction easy and safe.

So, in this article, we learn about Debit cards, How it works, Importance of Debit card, and many other useful and precious information about Debit Card and at a time most of the people have a debit card and that’s why it is called the most usable facility of banking.

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