Corona Virus
Corona Virus

Corona Virus : A virus which affects the whole world

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Hey readers, today’s topic is very important to create awareness among the peoples about the virus that affects the whole world.
So, in this article, we’re going to expose the virus named Corona Virus.

Reason and place of birth of Corona Virus

Corona Virus was firstly seen in the crowded city of China named Yu hang. This city is said to be the largest meat city in the whole of China. The famous thing about this city is that you can buy the meat of every animal in the market of Yu hang.
Well, this will become the reason for the deaths of thousands of peoples. This Virus was firstly seen in a person who buys the meat of Bat from the market of Yu hang. After 10-14 days he feels ill and when he goes for their treatment then the doctors also become afraid because they never saw any kind of disease ever. They immediately take that patent into custody buy after 3 days of inspection he died. This virus started exposing many other peoples of china.
Countries that are affected by the Corona Virus
This virus is affecting and become a matter of danger to the whole world but in some countries, the effect of this virus is very broad.
The countries which are affected by this virus are given below.
China is the first country and the country of the birth of this Virus. This virus gives huge damage to the whole country. Of we go to the analysis then we found that Corona Virus affects more than 80,000 peoples in China. The Awareness of china can be seen from the hospital which is built in 6 days by the Chinese government.
To give proper medical facility and care to the parents of this virus china able to cure 53,000 peoples of china. If we take a look in the number of deaths then we found that
More than 1037 peoples die in China.
The United States of America is also affected by this virus. America is the first country who take initiative to take back their peoples who are working in China but after all these attempts this virus is exploited in America also.
The second most affected country of this virus in Italy. The number of affected peoples in Italy is not stable and the rate is increasing continuously. The number of deaths in Italy is more than 620.
India is also affected by this virus. In today’s time, more than 347 peoples are affected by this virus and 6 deaths are also confirmed by the government of India.
Well, India is aware of this situation and the government also gives suggestions to make a lockout named Janta Curfew is also organized by the government of India.
The whole world is fighting with this virus and they all keep fighting with this. So, here we saw the most affected countries which are affected by this virus.
Prediction of this Virus in a book
The Eye of Death
Yes, this news is true that in a book named The Eye of Death predicted the situation of Corona Virus. According to this book, China generates this virus and china explored this virus to the whole world. According to some other books, this is also predicted that this virus will come after 10 years and after that, this virus becomes deactivate completely.
Treatment of Corona Virus
Well, there is no treatment of this virus and neither any kind of antibiotics is made to cure this effect of this virus. The best doctor’s from the whole world are trying to make treatment of this virus but they are unable to find anything yet.
The health ministry of India and many other countries are said that to avoid to go outside the house. They also said to avoid to be in a group of 5 persons.
Myths related to Corona Virus
Various kinds of myths come from many online platforms in India. The most popular routers related to this virus are listed below.
1.High-Temperature environment
Some people said that to stay in high temperature become the easiest remedy to cure this virus. This is totally a wrong news and every people should avoid it.
2.Taking medicine of flu and fever
A router also becomes very popular that to take the medicine of flu a person can able to cure the Corona Virus. This is also false news and not only a false but it will become the reason for the multiplication of the elements of this virus.
Many other news become popular but they are totally false news. I would personally suggest that please do not share this kind of routers anywhere.
Steps to keep away Corona Virus from you
1.Keeps your hand clean:-
WHO (world health organization) suggested washing your hands 5-6 times a day with hand wash and if you’re able to use sanitizer then use it. Wash your hands while eating the food.
2.Avoid going outside the house
WHO also suggests that peoples have to avoided to go outside the house. This will tends to the prevention of the increasing rate of Corona Virus near you.
3.Do not stand in a group of 5 persons
WHO and the government of India also suggested that to avoid to stand or pass away from a group of 5 persons.
The proper use of handkerchief in which sneezing tends to reduce the increasing rate of this Virus.

Corona Virus Live Update – Click Here

This virus becomes a very dangerous virus in the history of the whole world. Peoples are suffering from this situation and fighting with this situation continuously. I personally suggest that don’t be panic and stay clam. The good precaution will avoid the situation of the Corona Virus. Many peoples are cured by the good medical facility provided by the hospitals. If we saw the rate of cured peoples in India then we got that 23 people are cured with this virus.
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