Best Solar Panel : A natural energy converter

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Best Solar Panel : A natural energy converter

Today we’re going to talk about the solutions for the electricity problems facing the whole world.

Now, Electricity is becoming the most valuable source of energy. People need electricity for doing most of the work in their daily life. This makes the Problem of the un-fulfillment of demand for electricity.

Some years ago, the people haven’t any kind of alternative to this problem but when the problem of lack of electricity becomes critical scientists start their research and invent SOLAR PANEL.

You should know about the solar panel and which is the best company for this product.

So, what is the SOLAR PANEL? and Which is the best company for the product (SOLAR PANEL).

Let’s get find out.

Solar panel

Loom Solar Penal
Loom Solar

It is a gadget that is a collection of solar cells that absorbs energy from sunlight and produce energy by converting solar energy into electric energy. It means that it absorbs sunlight and uses it as a source of energy to generate direct current/electricity. It is of two types; mono and poly technology in which the efficiency differs in both types. The product that is available in the market gives different efficiency in which Mono technology gives 15% to 20% and Poly technology gives 15% to 17% of efficiency. 

Buying a solar panel could be a single decision that you have made not only to reduce environmental problems but also to reduce financial loss. There are large no. of companies selling solar products. The next best and important question is to choose the specific best brand of the solar panel. To choose a specific brand you have to keep in mind some points that are discussed below.
Let’s check how to verify the quality of the solar panel.

1. High Efficiency 
Image result for High Efficiency
Efficiency plays a major role in the effectively working condition of the panel. It gives you the benefit of enhanced performance and you have no need to install extra unneeded panels. The efficiency of solar panels can be calculated by ensuring that the amount of sunlight is converted into electricity per unit area.

Let’s see how to check the efficiency of the solar panels.

Module Efficiency of Solar panel’s
Loom Solar
Grape Solar

The formula that we can you to calculate the efficiency of a solar panel given below.
Efficiency (%) = output power per meter square/Input power per meter square multiply by 100.
In this formula output power = Output DC power from the module (Pmax).
Input power = Sun impatience at STC.
The best solar panel by efficient is listed below.

2. Warranty 

The warranty is the best and important option at the base of which you can choose the quality solar panel. All the companies promise something about their product but some companies might not be honored with their promise. The solar companies are continuously facing many challenges, to overcome the challenges all company gives warranty to their product according to its quality. The price of the solar panel also differs according to its warranty and qualify. The solar panel is the long-term investment and the customer wants that it gives better performance to a long time. Hence, warranty plays a very important role in determining which solar panel is good. So, if the warranty of the dollar panel is high than it has good quality. 
The best solar panel according to its warranty is listed below.

Warranty of solar panel

Loom Solar
10 years product warranty and 25 years Linear Power Performance warranty with 2.5% for 1st-year degradation and 0.67% from year 2 to year 25
10-year product warranty but newer panels come with a 12-year material warranty. 
Grape Solar
10-year product warranty.

3. Temperature coefficient 

                      Image result for Temperature          
We all know that the solar panel produces electric energy by using sunlight. So, this is very important that the solar panel gives high performance at high temperature and it will be possible if the high temperature does not affect its performance. Hence lower the temperature coefficient is given result in better performance. The standard temperature that noted is 25°C.
Let’s know what will happen when the temperature > 25°C.
Power will drop.
The voltage will drop, and 
The current will increase. 
Do you know what will happen if the temperature < 25°C?
Power will increase, 
The voltage will increase, and
The current will decrease.
The best solar panel according to its. The temperature coefficient is listed below :

Temperature coefficient of solar panel
Loom Solar
Temp. coefficient of Pmax (%/o C): -0.32, Voc (%oC): 0.03, Electrical values measured at STC: 25oC, 1.5AM, 1000 W/m2
For every degree above 25° C
Grape Solar
temperature coefficient that ranges from -0.45 to -0.38

4. Durability
              Image result for Durability
The durability of the solar panel is determined by the strength of the panel to endure high wind, heavy rain, hail storms, excessive pressure, etc. The solar panel in the different cities undergoes different testing’s in varied environmental conditions and external pressure. These panels are given the rating by rating agencies.
Best solar panel with the durability time period.

The durability of the solar panel
Loom Solar
Sustain heavy wind load ( 2400 pa ) and snow loads (5400 pa), hailstorm, excessive pressure, stone, monkey, and more.
Waterproof, corrosion and Parisian resistant design offer protection against wind and snow.
Grape Solar
Sustain heavy wind and snow loads (2400 Pa and 5400 Pa), staff mist. ammonia. blowing sand and half resistant

So, we see that all the time Loop Solar company’s solar panel continues to keep their position at any method to verify the quality of the solar. Here we reached the conclusion that Loom Solar is the best company in overall performance. 

Let’s know some bestselling solar panel briefly :

Image result for Loom solar

Loom solar panel 180 watts/12-volt mono-
crystalline for single battery (12W)

It is made up of a grade black silicon and PID mono cells to generate electricity from the sun. The cells are made up of superior quality by using silicon which gives higher efficiency up to 20% and also performs better in low light. It is the latest panel on mono-crystalline technology that comes with 5 bus-bars 36 cells and 25 years performance warranty.

Loom Solar panel 350 watt – 24 volts mono-crystalline for double batteries (24W)

It is made of anti-PID mono perk cells which give higher efficiency up to 20%. It is the latest technology solar panel in India that works in low light and even in cloudy weather which is great. The cells inside the solar panel are made up of “A” grade, anti-PID cells. It is the best solar panels in mono-crystalline technology that comes with 5 bus-bars and 72 cells and 25-year performance warranty.

Maximum Power
Maximum Efficiency
Product warranty
25 years
Loom 180W
25 years
Loom 120W
25 years
Loom 50W
25 years

So, Loom solar is the best product that is available in the market but the choice is in your hand. If you want to buy Loom solar panel check it here 

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